About Us

TRE Medical Solutions, Inc. was founded in 2005 and is located in St. Louis, Missouri. TRE was created under the leadership of Terrie Sollberger, Renee Hoff, and Elaine Gorman, three medical billing experts who understand through years of experience the needs of group and individual medical practices.

TRE Medical Solutions, Inc. provides personal services tailored to our client’s specific needs. TRE’s goal is to become a trusted extension of your Practice. TRE offers medical billing solutions to individual and group medical practices including:

  • Ancillary Providers such as Radiologists and Pathologists
  • Medical Specialists such as Cardiologists, Pulmonologists, Surgeons, Psychologists
  • Palliative Care providers including Physicians and Nurse Practitioners
  • Free standing Imaging facilities
  • Primary Care medicine
  • Concierge medicine