Medical Billing Benefits

Navigating through today’s complex health insurance claims process is overwhelming. TRE Medical Solutions, Inc. employs medical billing and coding specialists that provide our clients with the expertise and professionalism needed to successfully bill your services and obtain full and fair financial reimbursement. We can provide you with a substantial reduction in day-to-day aggravations such as practice management software issues, hassle of hiring competent and trustworthy employee’s and the timely and costly ongoing training of these employee.

  1. Are you or your staff tired of dealing with insurance carriers or dissatisfied with your collection rate?
  2. Are you experiencing an increased number of denied claims?
  3. Are your computer support fees and regular hardware maintenance too high?
  4. Are you having a difficult time keeping or hiring experienced billing staff?
  5. Are you planning to expand your practice?

Taking your practice from where it is today to where you want it to be tomorrow takes vision, determination, talent and know-how. TRE Medical Solutions, Inc. will help ease your concerns with billing and allow you to concentrate on your practice and patient care.