Improve Profitability

It is estimated that doctors in the U.S. leave approximately $125 billion on the table each year due to poor billing practices. This is an important reminder to medical practices that the care they provide patients is only one of the factors in becoming successful.

It is estimated that up to 80% of medical bills contain errors. Insurance companies have specific rules and regulations regarding coding and claim submission. Billing errors can cause an extended wait for reimbursement or take time away from more important office tasks, when following up with insurance companies.

TRE Medical Solutions, Inc. employs certified coders who review the work received by our clients. Our coders are trained to pick up on missing or questionable codes and will follow up with the client in a timely fashion so that billing and reimbursement are not delayed. Claims are billed on a daily basis with 95% being submitted electronically and 90% paid by insurance within 30 days. Should a claim be denied by insurance, our trained office personnel will follow up as soon as the denial is received. We understand the importance of timely follow up. Phone calls are made to insurance companies to determine what is necessary for the claim to be reconsidered for payment. TRE is paid only when claims are paid. Our success is determined by our accurate and timely claim submission and follow up. Our staff will follow a claim from the time it is billed to an insurance company to the time its balance is billed to a patient. We send statements to patients on a weekly basis. Our goal is to enhance our client’s image with the patient by providing a fast and courteous response to all billing inquiries. We do not off-shore outsource any of our services including customer service. A real person from our office will talk to your patients about their billing on the first call or a return phone call will be made within 1 business day. We work with your patients so that they understand their bill and the process of billing their insurance company. When necessary, we work with your patients to create an affordable and reasonable way to pay their bill.

When you hire TRE Medical Solutions, Inc. as your billing partner, you eliminate the headache involved in the various steps in effective medical billing. The amount of time doctors and nurses spend on billing and staffing concerns can be eliminated. This can free up time for patient care.